Thursday, July 8, 2010

oh despicable me

IMG_3112thanks Kellster for the invation!
first time having a premiere as early as 11am
premiere should be in the morning lar, :P

imagethis is Gru, dubbed by Steve Carell, is the super villain of the movie,
he has a Russian accent and the funkiest gadgets you can think off
imagine freezing people to cut queue for coffee

Vectar, by Jason Segal, came into the picture
and steal Gru’s lime light
he is very unpredictable, don’t get caught with his lame action in the movie

imageand the three little girls Edith, Agnes and Margo join in the fun
as Gru set’s his evil plan to steal the *cough spoiler cough*

if you think super villain are super villain,
like those wanna take over the world, or turn humans to animals for no particular reason,
this show could change your perspective about a supper villain
it is a very funny and touching movie

despicable me screeningand it’s best to be watched in 3D!!!
remember to stay till then end for some cool stuff

despicable me screening-4 despicable me screening-2 despicable me screening-3 
also the Minions!!!!!!!!!!!!
how could i miss them out!!

despicable me screening-5they are extremely adorable (especially in the movie)
babbling in a language who knows what
and working in teamwork to get things done

image*source from Nigel’s blog*

despicable me screening-6so don miss “Despicable Me”
July 8th, and you better watch it in 3D




till then





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Anonymous said...

Despicable me is the great movie.its song is so nice. every person want to see like this movie. i like this Despicable Me. i am very thank full to editor or movie maker to make this movie.