Tuesday, November 9, 2010

a simple surprise

Vennesa Birthday-8974

make the phone call

Vennesa Birthday-8972

light the candles

Vennesa Birthday-8980


Vennesa Birthday-8991there you go
a happy face


it was a sunny evening,
we decided to drop by the hospital


Vennesa Birthday-8994

the awesome bunch with the birthday girl in the middle

Vennesa Birthday-8996

Shereen Jie Jie and the birthday girl

 Vennesa Birthday-8998

Luc with the birthday girl

Vennesa Birthday-9000

Mr Big Cow, Daniel with the birthday girl

Vennesa Birthday-9001

Gadiy aka Go and Do It Yourself  with the birthday girl

Vennesa Birthday-9002 Vennesa Birthday-9004

Riz and his awesome one :D

Vennesa Birthday-8997yours truly with the birthday girl!

anyway Happy Belated Birthday to Venessa
we know you like the ice cream!




till then






sleeper said...

wow wow.. what a good surprise. ( i wan copy ur idea ok boh?)


☆ Berry╭☆ said...

finally updated ur blog :)