Tuesday, September 9, 2008

11:52 PM

it's almost 12, i can still remember tomorrow is Li Wen's Birthday, Happy Birthday Li Wen!!!! wish you all the best. ^^

it has been a long day, a really long day. Thanks to the pirated Adobe, couldn't sleep for 2 days straight, luckily only Mae that found out i have panda eyes. Was still sketching my assignment at 3 AM in the morning, searching online for reference, looking at the name card holder to look for ideas. I'm really exausted but thanks to Livita, i'm still alive and still a bit energetic. Used to live in such desperate life, always living at the edge of time limit, maybe that's the only motivation that can push me moving forward.

it's 4 AM, and the batteries almost dead, took a few drinks of juices manage to keep me awake for a while, cause i know i'll be death if i go to bed at the moment. Sitting in front the lap, sigh ing, what to do what to do, took almost three days just to install the Adobe software. This is what you get when you tend to buy the cheap pirated things. Well, i do believe the way of chinese saying, 物有所值, meaning everything has it exact value.

505, father was awake and started to clean up himself. No choice but to pack my bags and set up for school. At this moment i just remembered Mae got the Adobe software, so just text her the message hope she'll get me the software. Didn't get to take breakfast but four pills of don't know what kind of pills. Ya, my mum force me to take it since she thinks doctor's advice is advisible. Didn't even tidy up my hair and just step into my dad's Hilux, then he sent me to the realiway station near by.

Six thirteen, where i saw the international train was at Rawang station, it's a long train which goes from the south to the north of the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. I still can recall taking it once when i was small, which is from Singapore back here to Kuala Lumpur. It's an interesting train to take as there's a canteen and the middle of the train. The train left after a few minutes where the usual crowd started to gather, then the KTM came. It's not courtesy to see people rushing in to the train when all the pessenger haven't get off the train, and i hate those kind of people. Got a comfy seat beside the door, wanted to listen to my "MP3" but found out my phone will die fast if i do so. So i just sit there and look outside the window, where the scenery is always not beautiful. Getting sleepy and started to close my eyes, then came Mae's message, something good to start off the day.

717, was wondering to take the moving stairway or the non moving stairway. And yes i stick to my own concept and do it the hard way, walking is always healthy, and technology is making us lazy, one of my quotes. Made my way up the top and down to the bottom, still the usual long queue waiting for U82. Gosh, i hope i can get into one of the bus, if not i will be late again. The stupid thing is, U83 came and i didn't notice since it had no sign or board. I board the bus and ask the driver whether it goes to Damansara Uptown, he said no, OK, a little embarresed then walked down the bus, find a space at the end of the line. Then the bus conductor was yelling, "Damansara Damansara, Immigration Immigration!!!!" Shit, why did the stupid bus drive said NO. Manage to reach at the bridge at seven forty.

Met Calv and Mae first, so glad that Mae gave me the finally can use software. Quickly install it but took me 30 minutes, listened to Zan to kill time. Started my assignment as soon as Mae cracked the thing for me. With a little help from Jamie, manage to do my first task in 30 minutes, which is my business card, and i am very very satisfied with it. By the way, i did not just do my assignment in Zan's class, i did listen to his lecture today. Don't believe it?? He talked about how he bullied his little brothers and something about his show which shown every Thursday. Am i Correct???

Had a little chit chat with "the" Zan before leaving the class. Met D, Grace, Aby and Angela at the back door, whom i didn't see for a long time. Had a small chat with them and found out they hate the lecturer, so do i, and so do Calv, and so do someone else and someone else. ( You guys should know who i'm talking too, aite?? ) Went to HP tower with Calv to have my first meal in the morning, Nasi Goreng Ayam and Kopi Ais Kurang Manis, and i mean kurang kurang manis. Advice to all, please state kurang manis everytime you try to order a drink, too much sugar not too good, seriously. And Calv, you know what i'm gonna say d, cut down the thing. Not good too.

11, concentrating on the assignment to do the letter head and so on. This time i really need to thank Wai Yeng for giving the huge massive help, i really really appreciate it, and i'm very glad to have known her. Serious talking, we haven't talk for more than ten sentences, then she really give all her effort to do my assignment, i mean help me with my assignment, and also to teach me how to use the Adobe Photoshop CS3. I really want to thank her for helping me out, really really thankfull. THANK YOU!!!!!!

manage to get on the cute mini red bus on 1213 with Jessica Jane Funk and the gang, went to Subway where the people there keeps asking me what to put on Jessica's salad or Banana's sandwiches, because i just wanted to buy a large Coke, that's it. Felt a bit sorry to turn them down to have lunch together since there is no plug and my lap is dying on me. Sorry Lisa, and thanks for inviting me to tag along too.

met Alexa 130 at the hallway, started our asshole conversation again. Thanks to her now i'm really addicted to using the word and blogging about the word. One more topic for my blog now. I felt sorry a bit because she didn't had her hardcopy since i took her pendrive for the show, Moonlight Resonance, and yes, another topic to blog. Sorry piggy!! and she also gave me a hand with my assignment too, another person to thank again. But she got jealous when i said buying mudpie for Mae but not her, chill, sure will treat you one day.

class started and i was later than Mae which i suppose to save a seat for her. Suddenlly i realise that i haven't printed out my assignment, and feel lost for 10 seconds. Where to print out a Photoshop's document???? Me, Denise and Mae went up to WN but got no good news from them. Then Denise drove us a long long way to section 17 to do the printing. This is the first time i see such small place that has one of the latest printing machines, another chinese saying 麻雀虽小 ,五脏俱全 , even though the don't-know-what-kind-of-a-bit-common bird is small, but is has the every part of body is complete. Get it?? the conclusion is this is a best place to print your stuff, as in any kind of printable stuff. Hang around there for almost 2 hours, looking at Mae tidying her assignment and Denise figuring out how to solve the gradient problem, sorry Denise, wasn't pro enough to help you out. Took off at 430 which we found someone blocking our way. Hey, we are in the middle of the way to pass up the freaking assignment. Where are you???? you idiot!!!! And thanks Denise for the ride.

Rushed back within 20 minutes, then rush to the learning lab to see MR. Richard. Found out i did a little mistake for the water mark thing, got less mark but not low marks, this is what he said. Was a bit disappointed, but hey, let's learn from it and we will gain experience from what we did before. Thanks for Denise again to give me a ride to Segambut KTM station, really lucky so that i doesn't need to squeeze in the train again.

Mum wasn't free to fetch me but was lucky to see my neighbour passing and offer me another lift home. Home alone, tidy up a little and went to bath, then went out for dinner with my mum and dad. Had the usual chat with them at a not so fancy restaurant, the food was nice though. Home by 930 and continued watching moonlight Resonance, felt a bit emo after watching the few last episode Alexa gave.

it's 11::52:29 PM , log in to my blog.

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