Wednesday, September 10, 2008

yo.. i love ma friends ma family!!

9th september 2008,

this might be one of a thankfull day i might have remembered ever.

if i didn't have you all, i really dunno wat to do.

here are the thanks.!!!

thanks for my dad to take me a lift to the station in the early morining,

thanks Mae for borrowing me the software which i finally found out really needed, Love ya. haha...

thanks Jamie for giving me some tips about the photoshop.

thanks Calv for accompany me having lunch,

thanks Wai Ying for the great help, appreciated it,

thanks Lisa and the gang for inviting me to have lunch,

thanks Alexa to help me convert the format of my assignment,

thanks Denise for giving me and Mae a ride to print the assignment and sent me back to Segambut station,

thanks for Mr. Richard's advice,

thanks for my neighbour to give me a lift home from the bus station,

thanks again to all my friends for helping me out today.

i really appreciate everything you guys did, and yet you guys doesn't wanna accept my thanks.. haha...^^

really love you all...


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