Monday, September 29, 2008

Sony Skinny T Album, T77 Launching at BTS, WTF

was related with many Sony things lately this month,
1.assignment about PSP
2.went to PS3 launching a Sony phone (you know how, XD)
and now i went to see the launching of T77, or actually wanted to buy that camera at a low price, RM8, which you might sound "WTF!!!!!", but it's a true happining event at Berjaya Time Square. and i was really crazy enough to be there. and i uploaded all the pics at facebook.

it was friday evening when i arrived time square, after a tiring work with my dad. I went to the main entrance, and look to the right, right i mean, was relief to see nobody there. And got time to see the people working to set up the beautifull stage. I was the first, i think most of the people would think like this too. No.1, RM8, nice slim camera, this was the thing in my mind, so happy.

then i walked to the left of the main entrance, OMMFG, bunch of human being lining up!!!!! shit!! miss my steps, quickly went to then end of the queue and get a nice place. Then my mind was totally blank, OMG, what should i do now? pray to god? was kinda disappointed but trying to be as possitve as possible. calm down, calm down, take a deep breath, *DEEEEEEEEEEP breath*. then the guy who came later than me was shocked too, yea, i understand that feeling dude.

keep calling my buddy and found out they are kinda confidence like me, so, their facial expression was way superb. i mean way superb. Nik came after 17 minutes and was shock too, Calv was sick so he couldn't attend,then Amigo arrived with a very not so confidence face. I went to calculate the amount of people infront of me, approximitely, 120, that's not a good number. Gosh, then we were keep hoping for the best. i'm not giving up btw, no face la if go home empty handed.

sat down, had a nice chit chat with the guys between me, got a lot of info and tips for attendign this kind of event, and we are well prepared for the next time. (anyone wanna join us next time??) i went to buy Mcdonald like each of eveyone did, they sure have good business for the day. had a "good" dinner and look at the time, gosh, jus 8 something, wondering how r we gonna suffer.

Killing time, with the bunch of comics that i brought especially for the event, pokers definitely but lack of human resources, rubic cube which Amigo should have tought me how to play, then the other high gadget people had their laptop, PSP, NDS, MP3, IPOD, some high end stuffs to play with. can see that many people are doing something to kill time. then i heard the news for the first guy in front, it turn out to be a gal, she was here at thursday nite, if not mistaken, meaning waited for more than 48 hours to buy with the RM8 pricing. Toatal respect here.

everyone was comfy, sitting with their friends, playing poker and joking around, chit chat chit chat, eating eating, everything seems calm. Then all of a sudden, it's like a stampede, everybody rose and rush forward the line. WTH, me and Amigo jus simply pack and squeeze into the front so that we don lose our nice placing too. walao eh, in all of a sudden, the queue jus went wrong, the line was totally cut, and i don see a happy face. Everyone was really upset with wat had happened.

Then the Sony staff came, trying to calm us down until the RELA asked us to sit down. the dude behind us was arguing with the staff, so as Nik went to talk to them too, and some other convincing people too, trying to argue for themselves. it was total chaos, the staff didn't knew what to do at the moment. Then they ask us to queue back into order, yea right, like the people will, nobody wanted to move, or willingly to move. You can imagine the faces of the staffs when there is no reaction from us. I went back to my usual place, where Amigo was standing, and the dude after us was there too. They try to talk to the crowd to ask them be honest. And i was so fed up and shouted "OOIIIII, BE HONEST AND GET BACK TO YOUR OWN PLACE LA!!!!!!". then they only willing to move their stupid ass.

Now everyone is happy, at least some of them, like us, are a bit happy la. We tried to recognise the people queing beside us, so that it is fair for us, at least la. then we started joking around until the staff came towards us and gave us a great lecture of "queing". OMG, he's totally like a stupid lecturer.

Staff "Do you know, queing is suppose to be in the line, no matter what happened, if you leave the line, then the space is gone, queing up means you need someone to ganti you when you need to go somewhere else"

someone" Sir, jus give out the number la!!!"

Staff "I will not give out the number because you will go home when you take it, i want the atmosphere here to be all excited, and you know ah, queing up........... bla bla bla............. "

then add on with some stupid questions and stupid answers. So they finally decided to shift the whole que into another place, which is on the damn cold road. yea yea, the shifting was fine and everyone settle down at their own comfy placing. Me and Amigo really cannot tahan with the people there, so damn cocky. Shit!!!!

well, i get to know more people after shifting the place, and eentually people were walking here and there talking and making friends. Get to know a dude from Klang from the other line, he wasn't happy but still trying to enjoy. he was a nice guy, cause he's standing on our side. it wasn't even 12 yet, so it was very lame at the moment. Reading the comics, while Amigo playing poker with the guys ahead of us. got boring and joined the other group across the line to play cho dai dee too. They were funny people but keep teasing at you, and it wasn't polite. But what the heck, jus play along.

and in the mean while, the staffs were giving us free mineral water with the cyber-shot label on it, it was full with the chemical flovour, YUCK!!!! and they give us some crayon and a T shaped white board and ask us to use our very creative imagination to draw something on the T. walao eh, now you treat us like a kindergarten kid. OK, respect the event and do your stuff. And that fat guy is obviously very addicted to talk to us cause we were crazy enough to give him applause after he finishes every speech. I even shouted "woohooo, Sony ROCKS!!!!" made him even shyok.

was way damn boring, chor dai dee chor until boring, comics finished read, then starting to take some nice scenery pic around the building. then i sneak out with an excuse to go pee inside the mall. Man, the mall is damn freaking scary with total silent. and you can see those fake doll standing in the middle of no where. Spoooooooky, went walking around the mall but got chased away by the guards. Bummer.

it was quite a hard time for me when the time strikes at 2, Amigo is sleeping like a dead fish, in his damn sweet dream, despite the light shooting on his eyes. He is totally tired la. Poor dude, play chor dai dee until want die. i continued playing with the rest of the peeps and start chating with them. Chat and play, chat and play, until someone cannot tahan d. i lay down, wanting to close my eyes and rest, and found out there're annoying sound beside me. what???

it was a China lady at the line next next to mine, i heard she was the first person for the last event, good for her. Now she's around the placing at 60+ or 70+, which she is totally not delighted. she jus keep repeating that she was at 40+ and was cut queue to 50+, hey, if someone really cut your line, you got people to voice out for you la, but obviously no people is helping that "poor" lady. so, SHUT UP la, other people need sleep la. i pity the two guys sitting beside her. but then, she even went worse when she started talking to herself as if someone is listening to her, OMG. SHUUUUUUT UP!!!BI***!!!!!

i got a little sleep at 330 something, after i finish design my T. woke up around 4, still a bit tired and my hair is messy. arrggh. but semua sama sama sahaja la. the Klang dude wasnt sleeping as well cause he had been watching movie from his friend's laptop. so i invited him to go into the mall cause i need to do something to my stupid bankcard. yup, danced in the mall and too bad didn't got the action down. after finishing doing my bankcard, we went to the VAIO shop at level 2, which is just beside the escalator. And we saw a couple, one playing NDS, one reading, sitting in front of that shop. then they ask us

couple A "what are you two doing here?" (curios)

Klang dude "erm, lining up to buy the camera??" (trying not to laugh)

couple B "oh good, seems that we are the first one to be here!!" (smiling happily at each another)

Me "erm, No dude, the lines down there la." (being serious)

the couple "wat?"

Me "yup, sorry to top up with that, if you go down, which your placing will cost you RM788." (am i too harsh???)

the couple (totally shocked and unbelievable) *rush down*

me and Klang dude *laughing like hell when seeing them running down*

that was something to keep us awake for a moment. then we walked down and took some picture of the stage and the camera. My my, the camera is really damn nice and i really want it. btw, the pricing had came out at the moment.

1-10 RM 8
11-20 RM 88
21-30 RM 188
31-50 RM 388
51-70 RM 488
71-110 RM 588
111-150 RM 688 (i'm around here)
151-230 RM 788
231-350 RM 888

was not a good pricing after all, where's RM18, RM 288?????

coulnd't even sleep when the rehearsal started, oh gosh, even worse than you go clubbing, the sounds are terrible, because it made you can't sleep. lay down on the cold floor while the sun is rising. it's 6am, phew i'm still energitic.

Amigo was awake, with the exhausted look, i told him to hang on, stay on to it, but he fall, continue sleeping. eventually that dude left the scene after the monorail starts working, he was really exhausted and i pity him for having a replacement class at 1000am, poor dude, but you did your best. so Amigo left and i am all alone.

it was around 7 or something, 3 more hours to suffer. arrggghh. slept, read, played, chat to kill the time. and within the hours, i was in a deal with the guy to help his friend to buy the camera. it was a kinda good deal since he will pay me back for something, at least i got something to take back, rather than empty handed.

and so, the show started after the countdown, the dancers are dancing and the music playing, we were chanting for the camera. Wooohooo, the the queue start, and off we go.
1040, the line started to move, and the first dude shouted in joy. RM8!!!!!!!

it was quite a long queue, took me around 20 minutes to reach the number taking section, and my number was, 147, if not mistaken. RM688, gosh, way out of budget. so i gave my place to another guy who's paying with the credit card. and and and, i got RM100 for giving out my place, i expected RM50, that's a lot he gave me. Nice and sweet!!!

of to take the pictures, and i was so excited to see, our So You Think You Can Dance top 4 finalist, Hong, Black and Sim. was thrilling to see them doing the opening dance, and we had massives hugs. feels great to see them again, with the brand new image.

adn proofs of buying, took some pictures along with the camera, as a proof of i was there. and i wanted to congrats my friend for winning the skin designing contest, which won her a T77 camera too. Congrats!!

then, off i go, going home, to my home sweet home and my lovely comfy bed. oh yea, before that i went to KFC, and had a really great dinner plate. Then is back to my home.

be prepared next time,
be early next time,
come with a gang,
well, it was nice to attend this kind of crazy event, and i promised myself to get the best deal for the next event. So bring it on Sony.
and anyone wanted to join me??

eventually, i was a bit disappointed for not getting that damn nice camera which i can use for my trip to pangkor. But instead i had RM100 extra in my bank account, and experience, and friends, those are great things too!!!

love you all

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