Saturday, October 4, 2008

wasn't like yesterday

i couldn't recall how we met, when we met. But i had a strong feeling againts you when we met, knowing you had a boyfriend at the moment was a disappoinment, maybe anohter upset moment. But yet i was still be at the side of you, being the best i can be. I didn't ask for more but you did knew how i think, what i want. We did talk about it and came out with a solution, and we talk about it again and again, because i was too good to you, and wanted to be too good enough for you. You were gone for a moment, vanish, but i was still waiting, waiting and waiting, and wait. When you were back, you've changed. Maybe it's my prespective, but you had changed. maybe you try to treat me nice in some sense, but you're still the one i'm looking for. Now i try to lie to myself that you never appeared in my life, but whenever i saw you appearing at the right lower corner of my screen, i knew i couldn't. Why couldn't we be just like before, enjoying happy moment talking to each another. Why. \

like i always said, no matter what happened, i'm still you best kor kor, and will always be there for you. And i knew that's the furthest you and i can go.


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