Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Hair Style

got a new hair style last Fri, thx Amigo for giving the lift to Mutiara, a place which is situated 10minutes opposite my high school. it's a student's heaven where Cyber Cafe, pharmacy, comic house, bookshop, cheap food restaurant and salon gathered all in one, that's y you can see many student is in this mall. used to be my hang out place with my best buddy.

haven been to the mall for about a year, many things has changed. My friends are gone so no more food discount, no more buy one free one, no more cheap stuff. Felt like the next generation had taken our time there, it's no more our place to hang out. Took a seat at the used to be usual place, luckily the boss was still there, which knew what to cook to suite my very "unique" taste. Sat there until i saw my high school's student came in groups and groups. And gosh, the student quality has drop, way down, and i felt very disappointed.

ok, i know foul language is common for guys, but hey, it's not to use as part of the daily language, meaning don use the fucking language in front of the public la dude. Not polite and spoils the rep of my former school. So sad, wat have my school turned into.

and i had a long haircut + long conversation with the guy, = to a new hairstyle, which he name swallow tail. I couldn't understand until he showed me with the mirror and eh, i still don get it, haha. But it look nice, and i like it, and most of all, RM15, cheap!!!
don ask me, i dunno where the tail is too... ><

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