Saturday, September 20, 2008

Play Station 3

the launching of PS3 was held today at One Utama, Damansara.
wat is so facinating about this PS3???
well, here are the features, from the booklet

1.obviously the game, it uses BLUE-ray disc, and the disc has a big capicity of storage, i dunno
how big is it, but wat i heard is it might hold up to more than 4GB??? i think plays video, photo, music, (duh)\
3. can go online and kick someone's ass, great!!!
4. can use it like a handphone to send sms,
5. USB connection Cable and Wireless LAN, even cool!!!
6. wireless controller
7. HDD 80GB, in the console itself

and oh, it comes with a package,
which is RM1799 (with 80GB and 2 sets of software, wow) plus, Tote Bag and exclusive Soulcaliber IV CD holder.
then the early birds can recieve voucher worth RM1,000.

and there was also a 24 hours game tournament held, sadly it's not sitting in front of the console and play non-stop, it's jus a video game marathon where people take turn to kick each another's ass. BOOOOO, i can play infront the thing and do the record.

i went there to have a look, not to have fun there, but to go see the roadshow held by the Sony company. Lucky enough that i have someone who i met in the bus to accompany me to go see the launching since she lives near by. had a simple meal at Wong Kok before heading to the place. wasn't lucky enough coz the launching was at 1150, where i was still on the way heading to the place. look here and there, didn't found something interesting but loads of Cosplay character and models walking around distributing the flyers.

had a little concept on how Sony doing their roadshow. nothing much to say though. it was jus simple and nothing interesting to attract the public. their target was obviously the game console fans and some photographer, and the queue wasn't crowded like when PS3 was launch at foreign countries. maybe not much people is interested to buy the original one. sad thing.

oh well, i had a little fun though.

hey, do i look good in this kind of thing????


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