Thursday, September 18, 2008

New position, new life

been promoted to become the President by Angel,
yup,by Angel coz she got commitment for another club, so she promoted me, i guess.
it's gonna be a tough job, i believe
needs lots of responsibility to handle the whole IPRMSA,
really need to put effort and commitment,
maybe this would be a change for my life, and i hope so.
i've never handled such position before in my life,

*deep breath*

ok, list of target, objectives, aims, watever you name it la
  1. to recruit more member, from any department possibly
  2. to raise enough capital,
  3. to make the club more "happening"
  4. have fun while doing serious job

firstly i wish to have more active members in the future so that we can have enough, erm, man power i guess?? nah, the main point is the more people the merrier the place would be.

then to raise enough capital, to held a bazaar, then raise enought capital again, to held more sales in specific events, then raised enough captial, to held a BALL by IPRMSA, then raised enough profit, hopefully let's go to somewhere else, perhaps. of well, as long as you guys are having fun along the way, the another main point is also have fun

happening?? hmmmm, yea, need to let everyone in or out HELP knows how happening IPRMSA is.

lastly, i want all of you to have fun every moment you step in or out the club.

do i get myself clear?? maybe i'm crapping again, yet, let's hope for the best. cheers


1 comment:

Calv_K said...

Hey, i am sure u can be a good president.
I will contribute as much as possible!
And yes, have fun! Gambate Jer!