Thursday, October 23, 2008

It was a hot Sunday

Went to A Famosa last Sunday, 19th October. Started the journey at 3am in the morning and gathered at a studio around Imbi. wow that nasi lemak is killing my throat, and the new rhino cooling drink didn't help at all. So i was having a bad moment in the journet to Melacca. and i was like lucky enough to be seated with the four artist who's going along. One is May from 988fm, then Jack a dude who can do simple dance move,from the project superstar, Kien, a very tanned guy, who has the cowboy look, and Jeff, and tall and really handsome guy. Didn't brag much with them since everyone is sleepy and i'm sick as well, so, it was a very peaceful journey.


Reached the place around 6.30, and started to change costume and do make up. Luckily the make up artist is free to help us guys to do all the make up, if not, i think my manager will slaughter them. And we had already had an issue over the costume and make up with the directors. it was totally shit, promise us this and that and ended up we need to find the stupid cowboy costume ourselves, which gave us damn lots of troubles and wasted most of our practicing time. really damn shit. Anyway, things was cool when we manage to settle the things ourselves. the problem we were concerned is the 4 year old little gal in our group. OMG, she is like not those who can't dance well but she is just kinda nervous infront of the camera, so that's one big problem.

we thought, yes we thought things will be alright and we will have a lot of fun shooting this CNY MV, yet think again. it is 8am in the morning and the sun is just slightly right on top of us, so it was damn freaking nasty hot. worse thing is we need to stay under the sun repeatedly when the director shouts "dancer?? readyyyyy arrrrrr??" or, "dancers, one more time, same thing as usual har!!!" OMG, this happen when she doesn't get a good scene or one of the artist made a simple mistake. and we had used more than five tissues boxes and two rolls of toilet tissue, imagine how hot the condition is, when you are under the sun with a very tight cowboy outfit.

anyway, we all had fun in the end. it's a priceless experience shooting with the stars since it's our first time.



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Ringo said...

haiyoyo~come melacca oso dint find me hor? not good la u~><