Thursday, November 6, 2008

i so hate it...

so hate it when things come together at the same time, i mean bad things. oh wtf is happening around me.... argghhh.... really need some time out.. T.T                      can anyone save me??

thins to do list.. for today and near future

  1. practice for tomolo's performance 630pm, remember bring costume
  2. finish all the available f**king assignment, XD
  3. organize something, and maybe myself
  4. and final is near by. OMG
  5. try to smile, MORE!!!!
  6. clean up the stupid room, (after i got time)
  7. focus on December's competition
  8. get more money, means work for it.
  9. take more pictures?
  10. unlock the code

something need to be done, is needed to be done.

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