Sunday, November 2, 2008

When i was at Pangkor........continued


and it was a surprise Octobies Birthday party, for the Octobies!!!!!

believe me, i was damn freaking sleep at the moment, tried to hold on for the whole party.


DSC00494        DSC00496DSC00495DSC00497 

DSC00499 younger than me one year and a day... XD


yup, it was a party after all, thanks for everyone who prepared for it.

love you all very much!!!!!! *hugs and kisses*


yup... not to forget to picture myself..XD

DSC00565             DSC00574 DSC00572hurt on the right leg   DSC00595 and I lost my left eye's lens


all because i had to challenge this Elephant... XD


nah... jus kidding, really had fun and relaxing moment at the island.... XP


most of all, we enjoyed ourselves!! great moment together



DSC00384 DSC00385

DSC00392 DSC00451 one cool little baby

DSC00423 DSC00457 DSC00458   DSC00462

   everyone jus loved the sea     



Junk food, comic, beer and a radio... that's life....

DSC00549 DSC00550 DSC00552

my uncle: you think you can beat me? muahaahaahaa...

cousin's bf: hey, where's my general???



yup yup, most of all, we had FUN!!!!!





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