Sunday, November 2, 2008

When i was at Pangkor......................

this is a post which i should be updated months ago.. haha... XD...

i had the chance to ride this really super duper extremely amazingly wonderfully cool double-decker bus. (to lumut no pangkor la of course) 

DSC00388 DSC00389we were delighted


Toshiba 32 inch LCD TV in the bus, not bad, (it's ironman btw)



the view of the first seat at the higher level, really amazing.


              stuck at Tanjung Malim, we were too big

DSC00439and yea, took this company's ferry to reach to our detination, PANGKOR!!!!

now it's the time to see some scenery pics i took at pangkor, and lumut. enjoy!!!!! XD


DSC00407DSC00414DSC00408   DSC00463DSC00413 DSC00440 DSC00467


DSC00483  DSC00511DSC00501 DSC00506DSC00510   

DSC00529 DSC00530DSC00528     it's really masin,




the workers working out with a nice view outside


yup, below is my personal favorite, taken at a Chinese temple.

DSC00538 DSC00539 DSC00540 DSC00541

DSC00542 DSC00543

and this is my most favorite picture ever. XD, taken last day before we left the lovely island.

DSC00623 DSC00625  DSC00626DSC00632 DSC00633 DSC00636 DSC00654 DSC00646 DSC00624 DSC00583 DSC00577

and now, i present you, the FOOD!!!! nothing much because we didn't really went hunting for the good seafood



Ayam Goreng MCD, BEST!!!DSC00412 too many green coloring

DSC00481this is something we ATE, haha

  DSC00482 DSC00568some vitamin drink, no drugDSC00603DSC00604

"OR JIEN", something fried with eggs, tasty, bought personally, ate personally. XP

things we see around the island

DSC00547 this is a visually huge bottle

fake LV sunglasses



tasted like guiness actually, DSC00596

DSC00598  DSC00600DSC00599 DSC00602

DSC00555 DSC00556


the one and only design coconut key chain i found!!! nice..

to be continued..............................

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