Thursday, June 25, 2009


as some of you might know

i’m craving for a DSLR at the moment

so i’m giving this away


Kasperksy Internet Security

Complete Protection

for one year

one user


P1170360i got this as a prize

for winning

the photography section

at Bloggers Karnival last Saturday


P1170362of course it’s actually

not for resale


P1170365but i’m not gonna give out for free also



P1170364i’m giving this internet security

to that one person

who can offer me something la


P1170363because i’m not interested to use this

so i might as well give it

to someone

who can make good use of it









do leave me a comment or message

if you’re really interested to get this

internet security








1 comment:

-karen- said...

eh, i want wor.
but i dunno what on earth i can offer you hahah