Friday, June 26, 2009

outdated big news

i believe everyone

has know

Michael Jackson

has pass away

due to cardiac arrest


it is a great lost

to the world

to the industry

to his fans



and shit la

i couldn’t even catch one of his concert


it’s even sad when my dad told me

back then i actually had a chance to catch his

one and only concert in Malaysia

at 1996

too bad i had exams so i miss the whole thing




i think Michael Jackson

is really a big icon to every people in the world

also for us dancers

i really really love the way he dance

and it’s not easy to copy his dance move


and i like his old songs







here’s some extras

MJ is dead

and you tell the whole wide world




all is edited version




A: Hey, Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest!!

B: what? he got arrested and die?

A: =.=  cardiac arrest is heart attack la…..



A: Hey, Michael is dead

B: Finally!!



A: Yo, Michael’s dead

B: i thought he’s immortal

A: immortal??

B: yea, i thought plastic has won rot




A: oh man, Michael’s dead

B: maybe he’s not!!

A: @.@

B : maybe he’ll do a come back like in the thriller


a dancing zombie…….

he dance and won’t bite







the lame but best one

i heard for the day



A: hey, you sure he died because of heart attack?

B: that’s what the news said right

A: i think he suffered from





nose cancer








at that very moment

everyone laugh like 30 seconds

no joke







RIP Michael Jackson







1 comment:

pink bag said...

friend: michael jackson died.
me: what? his nose finally collapsed?