Sunday, June 7, 2009

my first home-made video

and it’s dedicated to
HELP Runway 101

hope you all would enjoy
stay tune for my blog post about
HELP Runway 101


I'm THE ugly duckling said...

Oh!!! You did an amazing job!!!!


TW said...

covering an event especially a runway event with a short focal length zoom might be the last thing in my mind because you cant crop out or blur out the crowd, wasn't even using flash. but u really managed it well! mind if i link u in my blog?and whats the song name btw

Simon Seow said...

Thanks and welcome ;)

Bboy Rice said...

thanks.. and you did a great job on the runway too... =)

i'm really happy to hear your comment over here, and sure you can link my blog too, i'll be glad.
the song is "you and me" by lighthouse.. (i think)

no prob.. XD