Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sunday afternoon

went for another short session
of photo shooting
this time
DSC06932thanks for the ride
there’ll be next time one la, don worry
i’ll just post up some pictures only
DSC07044and Badrinna tag along too
DSC07163later we went for chilis
DSC07150Bad meet up with her bf
DSC07133and it’s nachos for me
(i love the word bottomless!!)
DSC07152the macaroni says
DSC07196before we left
we went to see the event going on downstairs
DSC07199Maple Story
(will be playing when i’m more free)
then we chiao
later on
DSC07249yellow fairlady kena clamp
and the clamp thingy is yellow colour also
DSC06793and guess what happen to this mirror
DSC06929  美人照爆镜
(or someone can translate for me in the comment box, thanks)
i had a nice day
learning lots of new stuff
will be playing Maple Story soon
ps. when you wanna have your second round? contact me asap la. XD
ps.ps. anyone wanna get shot by me? leave a comment too.. =)

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