Thursday, July 23, 2009

it’s so hard to decide



yesterday i posted this on facebook



and thanks for those who replied

in facebook and twitter



and later on i see many changes around me

and i felt


ps this is my T-shirt


i have set my mind for a few things



imageD90 Kit

which i must get before my birthday

*my target*




P1170900i shall stick to throwing disc more often

like once a week


P1180224and play paintball

once a month




after i get my D90

next thing is


imagean iPhone if the price meets

and if my uncle willing to post it back to me from Abu Dhabi


imageor N97 is nice too




any suggestion people?

for getting a mobile device

1. that can allow me to online anytime and anywhere

2. watch high quality video on the go




last but not least

P1180562stick back become a nuffnanger?


P1180560or jump ship to join the gang





it’s up to you to convince me

to stay or not to stay


for the best commenter or persuader

i’ll be giving him/her something

what thing?

you’ll know soon




*and please comment down there

not at the Cbox for this time*








Chia Wei said...


I agree with Nikon D90! I'm a Nikon fan as well, although I use Sony. Very nice and low noise levels for such a cheap kit. In some circumstances its better than even the Nikon D300.
Also, Nikon kit lens is one of the sharpest (Other than the current Sony 1855) :)

Frisbee ftw! Fun sport! Save more money to reach your D90 faster, and more lens/Speedlite flash. XD

Use both Nuffnang and Adverlets when you need XD
Or use two different ones in each of your blog. easiest!

I'm THE ugly duckling said...

Get the Nikon, and Nokia, and Frisbee is way better and cheaper than paintball..

and of course you need me. <3


Jacquelyn Ho said...

I say, go for Nuffnang! Cos i'm from NN haha!

Well here's the thing. I don't really understand why you're er... actually bothered with this dilemma. May I know the reason behind the thought of switching to advertlets? If it's because of your friends, that's totally understandable but one's gotta has his/her stand too, right? You can't possibly be following your friends' choices all the time. Just my thoughts. No offense =)

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

I dunno how is it like to become solely Advertlets/Nuffnanger.

What I did was go and explore ourselves and see which one suit you more. However, it would be great if the barrier btw Nuffnang and Advertlets is not so obvious.

Try to decide yourself, but not let others to decide what you should like =)