Thursday, July 23, 2009

thinking about yesterday


P1180409went back to college just for this


P1180415MTV WORLD STAGE live in Malaysia

pre-party in ten various campus

yesterday was at HELP uni college


P1180421 this is the MC doing his job


P1180423this is the second game

i was in the first game hence no one took picture for me


the task is to eat five bananas

and drink a can of Coke

with only one hand


P1180424Calvin eventually won the MOSH PIT tickets for this round



P1180432actually there’s also another way to win

those MOSH PIT tickets


all you gotta do is

get a group of people

do stupid funny hilarious acts

and impress the judge

you might

*note is MIGHT only*

stand a chance to get MOSH PIT tickets

a limo ride

a red carpet entrance


a year of unlimited calls & smses from Xpax



eventually me and Calvin

just did some act too

*still searching for those missing pictures*


P1180444there’s still a few more games going on later


P1180466some limbo moves


P1180476i name this

“duck you head into the pool and grab an apple with your mouth” game


P1180494and this is

fashion your friend up







and the result is


P1180497     ROCKING MUMMY?


P1180500*robotic sound*

give me the tickets


P1180503looks kinda sexay

and she’s the winner

both designer and model get one MOSH PIT tickets each


P1180506the funniest one

the armor keep felling dude



his armor is falling apart


P1180510last one

*fill in the blanks yourself lar*


P1180512and these are the people you gotta

be nice with impress

in order to win those prize


P1180514me and the dai gar jie

*shall keep it a bit low profile… lolx~*

and that’s Calvin on the right




after the event

went for H-Factor meeting


P1180518  and foosball with the dudes





it’s an awesome Tuesday

real awesome one





imagei won awesome prize from Bryan

and and and

P1180558i also won myself a MOST PIT tickets




so who’s going to party with me that night?

tell me








1 comment:

mynjayz said...

wanted to go.... but whos gonna get the tix for me. LOL.